Occurring a winter tenting journey? Listed below are some simple, inexpensive methods to maintain your RV pipes from freezing while tenting…

We love winter tenting! Each January, we camp on the snow-covered shores of Lake Michigan. It’s freezing chilly… however a lot enjoyable! And if you wish to see somewhat extra of our 2023 Winter Campout, ensure you discover it!

We extremely advocate it when you’ve by no means camped in the snow. It’s a completely completely different expertise and an effective way to get pleasure from typical summertime locations in an entirely new approach.

Nevertheless, RV house owners should take mandatory precautions to guard their RVs against the chilly climate. One of the important points to concentrate on is the chance of frozen pipes, which might trigger critical harm to your RV’s plumbing system. And don’t overlook your RV holding tanks! In extreme chilly, these can freeze, too.

In this article, we’ll focus on the steps you possibly can take to maintain your RV’s pipes from freezing while tenting in chilly climates. And we put all of the hyperlinks on our Winter Amazon List so that you can discover them.

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Final RV Winter Tenting Ideas

We needed to share this video earlier than we soar into ideas particularly for stopping frozen pipes. It’s our final RV winter tenting idea!

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Easy methods to Maintain Your RV Pipes From Freezing Whereas Tenting

One journey to the ironmongery shop can get you a lot of the issues on this checklist. That, or Amazon. Wherever you get the supplies, the following pointers ought to assist shield your motorhome or journey trailer by way of the winter months. With that approach, you possibly can get pleasure from your winter tenting journey to the fullest.

1. Insulate Your RV Pipes

Correctly insulating your RV pipes is step one in stopping them from freezing. Insulation supplies similar to pipe sleeves or foam insulation can add a layer of safety. Or, strive for pipe insulation tape. These supplies could be reduced to suit any dimension pipe and could be utilized to the outside of the pipes.

You’ll want to take note of all of the pipes, together with these below the sinks and within the restroom and kitchen.

2. Contemplate Utilizing Warmth Tape

One other efficient solution to stop your RV pipes from freezing is to make use of heat tape or heat cables. Warmth tape is {an electrical} heating factor that may be wrapped around pipes and plugged in to supply warmth.

Be certain to decide on a warmth tape particularly designed to be used on RV pipes, and comply with the producer’s directions for set up and use.

3. Skirt Your RV

Skirting your RV is one other solution to shield your pipes from freezing as a result it will increase the ambient warmth beneath your RV. Skirting is a cloth that surrounds the underside or underbelly of your RV to dam chilly winds. you

This could be a DIY venture with varied supplies, similar to insulated foam, vinyl, or heavy-duty plastic. Or you should buy pre-made skirting kits…

EZSnap Skirting and Fabricover skirting is very fashionable within the RVing neighborhood. And you may see our expertise with Air Skirts under:

4. Insulate Your RV Storage Bays

Your RV storage bays are additionally weak to freezing temperatures. To guard the pipes in these areas, be sure you insulate them as properly.

This may be achieved with foam insulation, boards, fiberglass insulation, and many others.

10 Tips to Keep Your RV Pipes From Freezing While Camping 1
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5. Warmth Your RV Storage Bays

Along with insulating the storage bays, it’s also possible to warm them to maintain the pipes from freezing. Electrical heating pads could be positioned on the underside of the storage bay and plugged in to supply warmth.

Or, you should use a conveyable heater, like a propane or an electrical area heater. Simply understand that these transportable heaters could be harmful if not used correctly. So fastidiously learn their manuals and examine them typically when in use.

6. Open Your Cupboard Doorways

One easy solution to preserve the pipes in your RV from freezing is to open the cupboard doorways below the sinks. This permits heat air to flow across the pipes and retains them from freezing.

7. Strategically Place Electrical Heaters

One other solution to preserve the pipes in your RV from freezing is to strategically place electric heaters across the RV. This may be achieved by putting a small electrical heater below the sink or within the restroom to maintain the pipe’s heat.

8. Use Your Tanks As an alternative to Hookups

If potential, use your freshwater tank as a substitute for utilizing a freshwater hookup. Your contemporary water tank is insulated and shielded from chilly temperatures (or a minimum of it ought to be– preserve studying). Your water hose, then again, has a better threat of freezing.

If you must use contemporary water hookups, look into shopping for a heated water hose. This heated hose connects to your water supply and RV like different consuming hoses. It’s simple to make use of and is likely one of the finest methods to maintain contemporary water flowing to your RV.

On that very same be aware, don’t preserve your sewer hose open or linked whereas tenting. You shouldn’t go away your grey water tank and black water tank valves open when tenting (common newbie RV mistakes), however, it’s particularly dangerous to do it in the chilly. You don’t need THAT liquid freezing in your sewer hose (AKA stinky slinky).

10 Tips to Keep Your RV Pipes From Freezing While Camping 43 Dumbest RV Camping Mistakes: DON'T DO THIS!

9. Select a Sunny Campsite

When selecting a campsite, search for one which’s in a sunny location. It will assist to maintain your RV heat and also can assist to stop your pipes from freezing. It’s an easy tip, but very efficient.

In case you don’t assume it can make a sufficiently big distinction, consider it while you’re driving up the mountains. You’ll begin seeing snow patches beneath bushes a lot before on the open floor. So, attempt to park at a campsite a place you’ll have as lot of direct daylight as potential.

10. Set up RV Holding Tank Heaters

Lastly, take into account putting in RV holding tank heaters. These heaters are specifically designed to maintain the water in your holding tanks from freezing and could be a lifesaver in extraordinarily chilly temperatures.

BONUS TIP: Maintain a heat gun or compact hair dryer readily available simply in case you find yourself with a frozen pipe. You’ll be able to defrost it and add pipe insulation or one of the many different above tricks to stop it from taking place once more.

Know the Indicators of Frozen Pipes

Even when you take all the mandatory precautions, there’s nonetheless a threat that your pipes could freeze. It’s vital to know the indicators of frozen pipes, so you possibly can take motion earlier than they burst. Some widespread indicators of frozen pipes embrace an absence of water circulation, unusual noises coming from the pipes, and frost on the pipes.

In case you suspect that your pipes have frozen, you need to first flip off the water provide to your RV. Then, open the taps and activate the new water to permit any remaining water to circulation by way of the pipes.

If the pipes are nonetheless frozen, you might want to make use of a hair dryer or warmth lamp to thaw them. By no means use an open flame, similar to a propane torch, to thaw pipes.

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10 Tips to Keep Your RV Pipes From Freezing While Camping 2

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10 Tips to Keep Your RV Pipes From Freezing While Camping 3

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