Tower of Fantasy, the open-world MMORPG has lastly launched, and a part of its exploration mechanics are the Scenic Factors. These are particular spots in every area that showcase the landmarks in that area, and rewards you handsomely for the meager job of merely going to the spot and clicking a button. Every will reward you 20 Darkish Crystals and 20 Crown Exploration Factors, for a complete of 120 of every.

It’s additionally a pleasant option to respect the area and its distinctive panorama. Crown’s Scenic Factors middle across the Parliament, in addition to the Miners within the area.

When you’re taking part in on a PC, the limitless wall climbing exploit will definitely come in useful, however is just not needed. This information additionally assumes you’ve already unlocked all Spacerifts and the Omnium Tower within the area.

Tower of Fantasy Crown Scenic Factors

Listed here are all the Scenic Level areas in Crown.

Miners’ Camp Scenic Level

A camp for miners within the valley. Miners working day and night time can catch some relaxation at this outdated camp.

Use the Miners’ Camp Spacerift positioned within the northwest a part of the area, the place the border of the Tower of Fantasy, Banges, and Crown make a nook. After teleporting, glide downwards within the southeast route till you attain the extent with the green-painted container and the mine’s entrance. It is possible for you to to seek out the Scenic Level simply off the small picket balcony, with a barely decrease elevation.

Parliament Scenic Level

Parliament was constructed below the administration of Mr. Kim, the supervisor of the Mines. Constructed on deserted land, Parliament now gives residence for some administration employees.

To get to the Parliament Scenic Level, teleport to the Lab Spacerift discovered in the midst of Crown (sitting on prime of the phrase “Parliament”, oddly sufficient). It will place you in a very good elevation to simply attain the Scenic Level. When you face west, you possibly can see the spot the place the Scenic Level is sitting on. The objective is to cross the river, which you’ll accomplish via a couple of methods: both glide all the way down to water stage and use the elevating platform (the one enclosed in two crimson poles), glide down and use the ramp, then climb up, or gliding all the way down to the wall subsequent to the elevator and climbing the remainder of the way in which.

When you make it throughout the physique of water, merely stroll as much as the interactable. Right here’s a view of the Lab Spacerift from the Scenic Level to offer you an concept the place to look:

Analysis Lab (Space 4) Scenic Level

A lab constructed by Kali Yoga, a well-known physician within the Mines years in the past. It holds many well-known analysis findings and tools and continues to be operating as a lab for medical analysis and growth.

The Analysis Lab Scenic Level is by far the simplest to get to. Teleport to the Crown Omnium Tower and glide down eastward. That is the route which the recent air balloon is, so you need to use that to get your bearings.

The Scenic Level is on the sting of the cliff, extremely near the Omnium Tower. And by shut, I imply shut. Right here’s a view of the Omnium Tower from the Scenic Level:


The Lumina Scenic Level

A shipwreck at New Moon Bay, which is claimed to have been a cargo ship carrying ore. There are a lot of ghost tales about it circulating via the Mines, however few are daring sufficient to discover the shipwreck.

To get to The Lumina Scenic Level, merely use the the Southern Mountains Spacerift positioned on the southeast finish of the Crown area, near the border to Banges. From this Spacerift, head east till you see a few pointy plateaus. Go to the left one, and also you’ll discover the Scenic Level close to the sting.

From this Scenic Level, you possibly can even see the Southern Mountains Spacerift within the distance:

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