Want some Travel ideas? Heres 33 Travel Getaways Across the USA from 15 States including Florida, California, Colorado, Michigan, Pennsyvania, Vermont, Nevada, New Hamphire, Arizona, South Carolina, Virgina and more. If you would like to purchase footage from this video contact us at Info@TampaAerilMedia.com.

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(0:23) – “I Need To Get Away”
(2:24)- “Take You With Me”
(4:16) – Boat Tours….”Feel It, Feel It”
(6:00) – Hiking & Biking Trails….”Fly Free”
(7:42)- Scenic Highways…”High Road”
(10:29) Urban Getaways – The Cities
(11:23) Coming Soon…
(14:26) Wild & Free