Visiting London on a budget or just don’t want to splash a ton of cash 24/7? Here are some fun things to do in London for £15 per person or less (or free!) Watch the video for a fun budget guide to London for people who want to avoid the most touristy parts of the city.

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About Love and London:
I’m Jess, I’ve lived in London for many years, and this channel is a London travel guide for anyone visiting the city that wants to experience it like you live here. Beyond talking about the usual London attractions, I show you some of the cooler things to do in London, that most travel guides don’t mention. Watch my videos and you’ll feel like you’ve got a Londoner friend telling you the best kept secrets in the city.

Featured in the video:
❤️Chinatown dessert tour – we mentioned Bubblewrap, Chinatown Bakery, and Mamason’s
❤️Top Secret Comedy Club
❤️Visit an underrated museum like the Leighton House Museum (and watch this video for more underrated museums you must visit:
❤️Go on a half-pint pub crawl (watch my What to Know about London Pubs video before you do:
❤️Silent Voices of Whitechapel walking tour:
❤️Taco Tuesday at Club Mexicana