These are the best travel tips to beat jet lag during and after a long-haul flight. I will teach you how to prevent jet lag, how to help your circulation mid-flight, and show you some other long flight tricks to use if flying to another country. #jetlag #longhaulflight #longflight #traveltips #internationaltraveltips

Here are is what to check before you get jet lag from a long flight:
Leave your bags:

My long flight essentials to help jet lag:
Compression socks:
Foot swing:
Mesh pouches:
Pouch set of 4:
Pink Aqua bag:
Toothpaste tablets:
LMNT electrolyte packets:
Stamp Collector shirt:

00:00 Travel tips not have jet lag long-haul flight
00:14 Tricks for international flight
00:17 Before long-haul flight 3 tips
1:01 Do this after all night flight
1:46 3 essentials pack not get jet lag
4:21 Help circulation mid-flight
5:02 Travel hack for circulation
6:27 Do this mid-flight
7:26 3 things to do before end of flight
9:50 Hotel tip to check
10:27 3 ways to fight jet lag
11:56 Tip for after long flight jet lag

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