Travel with me to South Korea for my first time!! I’ve had layovers in Seoul many times, but this is our first time actually leaving the airport! We’re here because Andy is filming for the new iPhone 14 Pro and these are some of the things we did in between filming! I’m so excited to explore and bring you guys along on our journey. This is part 3 of the series, so be sure to check out parts 1 and 2 below 🥰

Travel with me to South Korea! First time in Seoul 🇰🇷

Cafe hopping in Seoul! South Korea Travel Vlog 🇰🇷

Check out Andy’s video below and the reason why we were in Korea!! ⤵

iPhone 14 Pro Cinematic 4K: Seoul | HDR

0:00 intro
0:24 westin josun seoul
0:53 cafe onion
1:12 Bukchon hanok village
1:22 gyeongbokgung palace
1:47 gold pig Michelin star restaurant
2:05 huam-dong
2:22 parasite stairs
3:17 Myeongdong
4:15 starfield library
5:03 bar 81 sunset viewpoint
5:55 wooga Michelin star restaurant
6:38 gwangjang market
6:54 riding the subway
7:50 conrad seoul
9:19 subway to olive young
10:03 four seasons seoul
10:55 oul restaurant
12:21 sulwhasoo flagship store
12:56 Myeongdong at night
13:55 last day in seoul
14:13 outro
14:47 film photos

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