The ISIS occupation and the subsequent battle for liberation caused incalculable human suffering for Mosul’s population, compounded by the destruction of much of the city’s heritage. The old city was particularly affected with entire districts reduced to rubble. The loss of the beautiful Al-Nouri Mosque was the event that most captured the attention of the national and international media. The official line is that ISIS detonated explosives but others allege that it was a victim of the shelling from forces seeking to liberate the city. Regardless, as a symbol of the city its reconstruction is of vital importance and, as this film demonstrates, rebuilding has commenced. A completion date is, however, probably many years away. The Al Tahera church complex is among the many other painstaking reconstruction projects.

This film provides a short tour through the city illustrating the rebuilding efforts and also the slow return to normality amidst the destruction. From the times of the ancient city of Nineveh that now sits in the eastern suburbs, this location has seen empires rise and fall. It is to be hoped that a sustained period of peace for the city of Mosul will allow a rejuvenation of its important cultural heritage. Many organisations, both local and international are currently working to achieve that objective.

My thanks to Brusk Ako and Balin Zrar of Kurdistan Expeditions (through Rocky Road Travel) for arranging my tour, and the welcoming residents of Mosul who were receptive to my filming and my questions. Jonathan Wheeler

This film will interest anyone interested in:
The politics of Iraq
The politics of the Middle East
The work of UNESCO in Iraq
The history of the battle with ISIS in Iraq
The cities of ancient Mesopotamia

The film answers the following popular google questions:
Why is Mosul destroyed?
Is Mosul still under ISIS occupation?
Is Mosul safe to visit?
What is Mosul like now?

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Filmed October 2023
Jonathan Wheeler
Music licensed through Artlist