Olivia and Nathan here! Here’s our Istanbul Travel Guide for 2023! This city surprised us with the amount of things to do and unique experiences. There are a lot of tricks to make your trip more affordable and budget friendly, as well as tips to optimize your stay and make getting around more practical. We hope this helps!

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0:00-1:42 Intro
1:42-2:42 Getting to and from airport
2:42-3:15 Getting set up
3:15-4:39 Buses, Trams, and Ferries
4:39-5:49 Where to stay
5:49-7:29 Walkability
7:29-8:29 Today’s Partner
8:29-9:20 The Turkish language
9:20-10:50 Top 3 Mosques
10:50-11:48 Basilica Cistern
11:48-12:54 The Grand Bazaar
12:54-14:05 Affordability
14:05-15:06 5 Things you must do
15:06-15:42 Coffee scene
15:42-16:37 Kadiköy
16:37-17:29 Ortaköy


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