How expensive is Budapest? How much money you will need to plan with for your Budapest trip? This video will help you with those questions and perhaps offer some ideas on what to see and do in the city!

We are covering various topics from transportation, to food and nightlife and how much they cost.
When visiting a foreign country, especially if it doesn’t use your currency, it is difficult to calculate and prepare the budget that you might need and much you need to save up for your trip.

This video should help you have a clear picture in the end. Now of course everyone has different needs and how much in total you will spend depends on your preferences but we give at the end of the video 2 scenarios which we think covers the budget of an average tourist.

Disclaimer: these prices are from January 2023 and we have calculated with a conversion rate of 400 HUF/Euro.

Below are some links for most of the locations we are mentioning in the video, for you to be able to check the current prices when you are traveling, so make sure to check those out.

If you have more questions about traveling to Budapest, we answer the most common questions in this video, so check it out:

Airport shuttle Bus –
Single ticket –
10 ticket bulk option –
72 hour Pass –
5/30 ticket –

Entry Fees:
St. Stephens Bazilika –
Matthias Church –
Museum of Fine Arts –
House of Music –
Parliament –
City Zoo –

Thermal Baths:
Széchenyi Thermal Bath –
Gellért Thermal Bath –
Rudas Thermal Bath –
Veli Bej Thermal Bath –

River Cruise:
Duna River Cruise –
Legenda River Cruise –
Eurama River Cruise –

If You want to get some more ideas on what to do in Budapest, check out our playlist regarding the Best of Budapest:

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00:00 Intro
01:20 Transportation
02:29 Breakfast / Brunch
02:55 Cafés
03:22 Attractions
04:10 Streetfood
04:45 Lunch and Dinner
05:15 Rivercruise
06:05 Nightlife and Summary

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