Welcome to one of Germany’s most unique treasures: The Rhine Gorge (upper middle Rhine valley)! It is a landscape of beautiful villages, vineyards and castles that is considered UNESCO World Heritage! It is a culturally and historically very interesting region to visit in Germany. Well-known is the town of Rüdesheim that is admired for its wines, beautiful houses and famous Drosselgasse. The Drosselgasse is a very picturesque alley that is considered the most popular spot in the town of Rüdesheim. The entire region is famous for its wines: Federweisser, Riesling and Icewine. A must is a visit to the vineyards above Rüdesheim; a great location for going on a hike. Just at the top of the hills is this massive monument called Niederwalddenkmal. It was built after the formation of the German empire. From the Niederwalddenkmal, you may also enjoy a brilliant view over Rüdesheim, the Rine and the surrounding vineyards. It is definitely worth to stay for a few days in this region as there are plenty of castles on the left and righten shore of the river Rhine. There are roughly 30 castles, thus plenty of medieval sites to visit! Worth to see are the castles Burg Sooneck, Rheinstein, Pfalzgrafenstein and Rheinfels. The latter is quite a large castle just at the top of this beautiful village St. Goar. It is perfect to just combine both: first seeing the castle Burg Rheinfels and then roam around the village’s alleys. St. Goar is considered quite less-touristy, but is a beautiful traditional German village. All in all, despite quite historic, this region is not overly touristy, certainly also because there are plenty of castles to visit!

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