Bali, Indonesia Travel Guide for Pinoy Travelers 2023 — EP1: Island of Gods

Bali Requirements for Filipinos:
1. Passport valid for 6 months
2. Proof of booking confirmation and payment for accommodation 
3. E-Travel Registration —
4. E-Customs Declaration Form —
5. Visa if needed (PH Passport holders are visa free for 30 days in Indonesia)

Where To Stay in Ubud?
Sumantra House
Location: Jalan Hanoman, Ubud Center
P900++ per night – good for 2-3 Pax with Free Breakfast
Quick Review: We love it here!

1. For internet, best option is to enable your roaming for better offers
2. Do not exchange your PHP to IDR – conversion is too low!
3. Withdraw using GCash Card is the best option but if no GCash card, you can withdraw using your card but always choose 3M IDR limit with 100k denomination
4. Stay in Ubud Center to easily access shops – everything is walkable from our location
5. Eat in Warungs for the authentic food experience!

Balinese/Indonesian Lessons from this vlog:
Warung = Family owned eatery/cafe
Jalan = Street
Selamat Datang = Welcome!
Terimah Kasi = Thank you!

Where To Eat in Ubud, Bali?
1. Tutmak Warung Kopi (Location: Jalan Dewisita)
Offers: Indonesian Cuisine, Coffee
2. Blackeye Coffee and Roastery (Location: Jalan Raya)
Offers: Coffee, Coffee Beans, Pastries
3. Black Beach (Location: Jalan Hanoman)
Offers: Italian Food
4. Tukies (Location: Jalan Raya)
Offers: Coconut based dessert and products

*This list will be updated in the coming vlogs!

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Video Chapters:
00:34 — 04:02 Arrival in Denpasar Aiport, Currency Exchange, Transfers
04:41 — 09:31 Where To Stay in Ubud? Sumantra House, Internet
09:32 — 11:30 Streets of Ubud
11:31 — 15:30 Where TO Eat in Ubud? Tutmak Warung Kopi
15:31 — 20:07 Ubud Art Market
20:08 — 24:01 Room Tour
24:02 — 24:46 Black Beach Italian Resaurant
26:46 — 29:03 Tukies Coconut Ice Cream Shop
29:28 Travel Requirements, Philippines to Bali, Indonesia

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