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We have fallen in love with El Nido! Located in Palawan, Philippines, this beach destination MUST be on your travel itinerary for the Philippines. In this video we share the best things to do in 2 days in El Nido. We hope you are visiting El Nido for longer than 2 days (in our opinion, you should stay for 4 if you’re on holiday), and if so, then you can sprinkle a little more beach hopping and scuba diving into this itinerary than we’ve shown here.

There is lots of debate over which island hopping tour in El Nido is best, but we truly don’t think you can choose wrong! We took Island Hopping Tour C with Umi Travels and Tours ( and loved the islands we visited. Tour C had such diversity to the various stops we made during the day and we were really happy with our choice. We have bee blown away by the landscapes of the Philippines since we arrived and Tour C did a great job of showing that off.

There are many other beautiful beaches near El Nido town including Corong Corong and Vanilla Beach, but our favourite is Nacpan Beach. It takes about 30 minutes by scooter, but the drive is beautiful and you can easily spend an entire day at Nacpan! They have awesome FIlipino food for a really affordable price (we recommend trying pancit!) as well as a high-end restaurant and cafe as well if you’re feeling like luxury.

In this El Nido travel guide we also include recommendations for where to stay, where to scuba dive, where to eat, and where to find awesome night life in El Nido town! We actually spent a total of 3 weeks in El Nido, so we had lots of time to explore this amazing beach town and can confidently say it is one of our favourites in the world! If you are heading to El Nido soon and are looking for a fun hostel to stay at, we can recommend Frendz Hostel:

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== Chapters ==
0:00 Beautiful El Nido from the sky
1:09 Trying out Beach Hopping Tour C
2:31 Cadlao Lagoon
4:25 Hidden Beach isn’t so hidden (but Mico found an actually hidden beach)
6:31 Tapiutan Island for Filipino food
7:10 Super dodgy entrance to Secret Beach
9:05 Helicopter Island is also an amazing scuba diving spot
12:45 Scooter tour of El Nido town
15:30 Nacpan Beach is well worth the drive
16:11 Trying more Filipino food
17:08 Are all Filipinos like this?
19:00 Coron Corong Beach (best sunset spot)

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