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00:00-00:15 Intro
00:16-01:47 Beppu
01:48-02:42 Tsubame Onsen
02:43-04:31 Complete guide to Japan
04:32-05:10 Nachi Falls
05:11-05:47 Shirakawago
05:48-07:12 Aso Kuju National Park
07:13-08:26 Nikko
08:27-10:20 Hokkaido (3 locations)
10:21-10:54 Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter
10:55-11:35 Amami Island
11:36-13:30 Ochijuku

Extra information from this video:
Beppu, Oita: https://geni.us/7pgfe
Tsubame Onsen: https://geni.us/69xDi
Shirakawago: https://geni.us/Xay2oO
Nikko: https://geni.us/EN1hoX
Amami Island: https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e4691.html
Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter: https://geni.us/KF03k1
Nachi Falls: https://geni.us/kbgV0U2
Shirakibetsu Lake Igloo Village: https://geni.us/FYoY5
Chapel on the Water: https://geni.us/UXwU
Shirogane Pond: https://geni.us/xGyq
Ouchi-Juku: https://geni.us/2E1UKa

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