Do Mobile Phones and iPods Belong at Summer Camp?

Appears like everybody has a mobile phone, ipod device or any other digital camera nowadays. Children are the same. What occurs when kids wish to bring these products to summer camp?

Some camps allow kids to create gadgets together to camp. One camp even includes the language, “optional mobile phone” in the recommended packing list.

However this approach appears is the exception, and not the rule. Most camps restrict kids from getting these products to camp completely.

Theresa Torrone, the director her very own summer camp in La, California, doesn’t allow portable electronics at camp. “We feel iPods, Gameboys, mobile phones, other portable electronics electronics be more effective left in your own home,” Torrone states. “Not just are these products easily lost, broken or perhaps stolen, they’re counterproductive towards the camp experience.”

Torrone states the goals at her camp include teaching kids about beach and sea ecosystem, presenting these to new marine pursuits like surfing and jet skiing, and facilitating new friendships, amongst others. But when youngsters are listing to iPods or speaking on mobile phones, “they sometimes achieve this in isolation, aside from all of those other camp group,” argues Torrone. “We feel most of likely to camp is discussing new encounters inside a group setting. When children are having fun with their mobile phones or electronics, their possibilities to understand and experience something totally new using their group are restricted.”

Based on Torrone, some parents insist upon delivering a mobile phone to camp using their kids simply because they feel much more comfortable knowing they are able to achieve the youngster anytime simply by calling.

“However a major aspect of the camp ground experience is understanding how to live individually. Kids can’t do this using their parents giving them a call constantly. Therefore we believe that parents should subdue the longing to transmit their children to camp with mobile phones. If you want to achieve your son or daughter in desperate situations or every other reason, just call or email the camp ground office. They’ll have the ability to speak to your child immediately.”

Torrone states many camps are now using technology to provide parents “an arms length way” to determine and talk to their children while they are at camp. Some camps will publish images of the campers on the web while some give parents the chance to transmit one-way emails for their kids instead of delivering letters.

Torrone understands kids’ cravings for electronic toys and gadgets. “Many children are much more tech-savvy than their folks,” she states. And you will find some kids, Torrone states, who just “can’t get enough tech.”

Within this situation, Torrone suggests delivering your boy or daughter to some technology-based summer time program. “Many camps focus on technology-driven activities,” Torrone stated. “Computer camps and video-making camps are actually popular nowadays.”