3 Coolest Day Trips to Plan in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is one of the most beautiful places to visit. But visiting that city would go in vain if you don’t plan at least a day trip to Denmark’s capital. Ranging from the sleek Viking ships to the castles which were once immortalized by Shakespeare, these quaint village towns and scenic ocean views, should never be missed. There is a lot to explore in Copenhagen. If you want to book a stay in the city center, we have some of the holiday apartments in Copenhagen city centre. We have listed some of the coolest day trips for you. Have a look.

  1. Frederiksborg Castle Day Trip

Frederiksborg is one of the most famous castles in Copenhagen. This elegant and royal palace is quite opulent, embraced with gold, with minutely carved ceilings and is decorated with amazing period furniture. The castle is huge in size. You can spend a couple hours here to explore, you can understand the 400 years of Danish history in a single afternoon. You will also learn the history and culture of the royal family of Denmark and cherish the impressive Renaissance art collection preserved inside the castle.

  1. Hamlet tour Copenhagen

Elsinore is the famous castle where Shakespeare set Hamlet to. It is based on a real life Danish castle named Kronborg which is situated in Helsingor. This very Danish town is based at about 45 km north of Copenhagen and can be easily visited by public transportation. Head to Copenhagen’s Central Station, then switch over from the metro to the train and in about 9 stops or about 45 minutes you will make it. Hamlet’s Castle is huge and is simply adorned with open spaces, hide rugs and loads of pristine white walls. You can also go to the rooftop to view the entire Sweden or wander underneath the unpaved castle depths if you are in for a spooky tour.

  1. Roskilde and the Age of Vikings

Take a mini day trip to Roskilde and time travel 3000 years back to the age of Vikings. On this very tour, you will witness the old and real Viking ships at the Viking Ship Museum, the Roskilde Cathedral which is recognized by UNESCO where 40 earlies Danish kings and queens were buried. Also, visit Lejre which was a thriving city in the Iron Age. Notice the architecture of long houses which were loaded by cruelest Viking myths and try the legendary mead.